Top 10 Successful Online Business Ideas

Published: 06th May 2010
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In Recent years everyone wish to start their own business. Internet has become the most resourceful platforms for the people who would like to come out of 9 - 5 job shifts. With amazing opportunities online, the amount of people aspiring to start their own Internet business is increasing day by day. For most of them their dreams stops at the initial stages since they do not find their niche markets, they fail to gather the Proven Online Business Ideas that can give them better financial benefits than their day jobs. Here are Top 100 successful Online Business Ideas you could use to win the online business market.

1. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is the concept of revenue sharing between the website owner and the online merchant. This is an amazing online business idea to see quick money with smart working methods. In Affiliate marketing, the website owner displays the advertisements of online merchants (Services, Products etc) it helps the website visitors to know about a particular merchant to get their services. The website owners gets benefited when the visitors becomes potential customers of the online merchant. Various types of affiliate marketing concepts are: Pay per click, Pay per sale and Pay per lead.

2.Online Counselor

Do you own a Masters degree or Do you expertise in any particular field? Whatever the field you are expert at, you can share your expertise with people around the world. There are always people all around the world who seek out professional guidance for their betterment. You could become a personal coach to help your clients. From online yoga instructor till educational counselor, the opportunities are plenty in this arena. This is an amazing online business idea that helps anyone anywhere.

3.Internet Researcher

Many companies could not afford to place individual human resources to get the research done for them due to the need of higher end technical training input, lack of time, time to time training requirements for skills updation etc. They seek out internet researchers all over the world to outsource their projects to get best output. All you need to join as an Internet researcher is to have the craving for information. Apply this online business idea to set yourself apart from the crowd of online marketers.


Nearly 40 % people who benefit out of online business are bloggers. To become a professional or freelance blogger all you need is to have the ability to write better, write clear and understand writing for search engines as well as your audience. If you have the ability to provide trending information faster with excellent quality, you will grab more traffic. Blogging is an exceptional online business idea where you can make loads of money.

5.Freelance Web Designer

The opportunity of being a web designer is awesome. Online world is expanding day by day. Each one is starting their own websites. Be it a professional website or a personal one, all they need is a good web designer who could project their company or personal profile much better to the worldwide audience. Freelance web designer is the most trust worthy online business idea you could consider for being successful online.

6.Freelance Recruiter

You need not to have so many years of experience as a recruiter. Do you have a friend or colleague who is working or has work experience as a recruiter? That is enough for kick starting your Freelance recruiter career. Learn the tricks and traps of being a recruiter. Decide whether you wish to be an IT, Non IT or ITeS recruiter. There are plenty of recruitment consultancies who would be willing to outsource their candidate sourcing requirements to you. Start networking with professionals online as well as offline to be a successful recruiter. I shall bet with this online business idea, here are chances you could start small and grow larger.

7.Freelance SEO

Do you think learning seo is a hard task? With aspiration it is not a hard nut to crack? If you are not a techie, learn off page optimization techniques, if you are a techie learn in and out of seo. With increasing number of websites online, everyone wishes to be visible to search engines. Becoming a Freelance SEO consultant can be the right choice and the best online business idea to see real money.

8.Transcription Jobs

The most outsourced jobs are transcription jobs. There are variety of transcription jobs available for you. If you are a trained medical transcriptionist you could take up online medical transcription jobs. Do not worry if you are not a professional medical transcriptionist, go for general transcription if you have excellent listening skills, good written English knowledge and the ability to work with commitment. Be aware in choosing the right outsourcing company to feel the real abundance of this excellent online business idea.

9.Virtual Assistant

Do you Have experience in working as an admin professional, personal secretary, customer support or a backend support executive. Virtual assistant is an incredible opportunity for you. There are many companies who could not afford to have a real time assistant for their back end support processes. You could be of authentic help to them. Virtual assistantship is an outstanding online business idea you could invest on.

10.Online Stores

Do you have your own products to market? Online stores are wonderful gateway for you. You could sell your own products as well as other merchants' products. You will get paid for each of the items that are sold here. EBay, are some of the examples of online stores where you could sell stuff online and get paid immediately.

What are you waiting for? Use these online business ideas, start your own online business today.

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